Sunny Deo - Knee Surgeon Swindon, Keyhole Knee Surgery & Sports Clinic
Consultant Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgeon specialising in:
Knee replacement surgery
Knee reconstruction surgery
Musculoskeletal trauma surgery
​Sports injuries
Conditions commonly seen and treated:
  • Knee arthrtitis
  • Sports knee injuries and problems
  • Major joint surface or meniscal loss requiring reconstructive surgery
  • Knee pain of unknown origin or multiple causes 
  • Problems following knee replacement , including the painful/unstable knee replacement
  • Problems following arthroscopic and reconstruction surgery
  • Adult lower limb (acquired) deformity following trauma, infection, arthritis
  • Chronic compartment syndromes
  • Trauma problems in general
  • Specific expertise in lower limb trauma particularly peri-articular fractures
  • Complex trauma cases including non-union, mal-union, fixation failures